Women denied ultrasound test for not carrying Aadhaar card, delivers baby in the open

After being denied an ultrasound test before the delivery, a woman delivered a baby girl outside the emergency ward of Civil Hospital Gurgaon on Friday.

Munni, the 25-year-old pregnant woman had her Aadhaar card number, however, the hospital administration insisted on a copy of the card which is mandatory for admission for an ultrasound test.

Bablu, the husband of the woman, alleged that the doctors denied admission to his wife because she did not carry the card.

On reaching the hospital they went to the gynecology ward where the doctor asked them to submit an ultrasound report. Since Munni had not got any tests done related to her pregnancy, she was sent by a staff nurse to get an ultrasound test where she was asked for an Aadhaar card, said Janaki, sister-in-law of Munni.

Nine-month pregnant, Munni was standing in pain for two hours at the gate of the emergency ward and finally delivered the baby there at around 12.30pm, claimed her husband.

“I was left helpless as my wife was screaming and shouting in pain,” he said.

A crowd gathered near the emergency ward and a PCR van reached the hospital but the family did not file a complaint. “We were asked to produce the Aadhaar and the process got delayed because of it, but we did not raise any objections. We want to go home now. We don’t want to blame anyone. They were doing their jobs,” said Munni who was sitting with her baby girl on a bed at the gynecology ward.

Dr. Pradeep Sharma, the principal medical officer of Civil Hospital, Gurgaon, said, “The woman reached the hospital with full labor pain and the gynecologist sent her with a staff nurse for an ultrasound as the woman didn’t have any test reports of her pregnancy. She was asked for her Aadhaar card for an ultrasound and thus her delivery process got delayed. We have found the doctor and the staff nurse responsible. We have suspended them and conducting a probe into the matter.”

-PTC News