WhatsApp banned over 20 lakh users in October in India

WhatsApp banned over 20 lakh users in October in India

WhatsApp banned over 20,69,000 accounts in the month of October, according to the company’s latest monthly compliance report.

WhatsApp said that the ban is a part of its efforts to tackle abuse, besides response to “negative feedback” received from users through the “Report” feature.

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WhatsApp Banns Over 20 Lakh Accounts In India In Aug

The Meta-owned messenger app also stated that it received a total of 500 grievance reports from India in the month of October.

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WhatsApp says it banned more than 2 million accounts in one month

“We are focused on prevention as we believe it was much better to stop harmful activity from happening in the first place than to detect it after harm has occurred,” said WhatsApp.

As per India’s IT rules, the monthly compliance reports are now mandated. The report needs to highlight two aspects: grievances received from users in India through WhatsApp’s grievance mechanisms and accounts actioned in India through WhatsApp’s prevention and detection methods.

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WhatsApp’s abuse detection notices an account in 3 stages of its “lifestyle”. These are at registration, during messaging, and when someone submits negative feedback about it by blocking requests and user reports.

The company also said that a team of analysts keep an eye on the information related to accounts to “evaluate edge cases and improve our effectiveness over time.”

Thus, WhatsApp issued a ban on over 20 lakh accounts.

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