Tea drinker’s guide to top 10 tea types and benefits

Tea drinker’s guide to top 10 tea types and benefits

Tea Types and Benefits: Tea has many health benefits as well as being a delicious way to hydrate. Tea has been considered a health – promoting habit since ancient times.

Consumption of tea prevent us from many debilitating human diseases that include maintenance of cardio vascular and metabolic health.

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Here are the top tea types and health benefits of tea—

  • Green Tea
    Treats bloating, allergies, acne and promote weight loss.

  • Chamomile Tea
    Beneficial for sleep, headache, anxiety and bloating.

  • Peppermint
    Remedy for problems like loathing, nausea, PMS, bad breath.

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  • Hibiscus Tea
    Best for high blood pressure problems and, respiratory diseases.

  • Oolong Tea
    Promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism.

  • Chai
    Enhances immunity system, fight inflammation and cold.

  • Matcha Tea
    Burn belly fat, is an immunity booster and a detoxifier.

  • Black Tea
    Treats anxiety, weight loss and headache.

  • White Tea
    Beneficial for stress, weight loss, detoxification.

  • Ginger Tea
    Reduces bloating, cold, upset stomach and sore throat.

These were the different types of tea and the health benefits of tea popularly known as chai in India.


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