Social Media Day 2019: Celebrating the new kind of addiction

Social Media Day 2019

Ever wonder what is more addictive than drugs, observe the present generation and you will realize that social media has clutched all so tight as no buzz could. Social media apps were initially developed to make the world a better place to live, but in no time the better turned into bitter. Addiction to social media is so scary that it can turn into a mental disorder without even realization.

8 Signs of social media addiction

  • If the phone is the first thing you check in the morning
  • Unlocking the phone constantly to check notifications
  • Worried about likes and shares on your post
  • It becomes hard to survive without an internet connection
  • From food to flower you capture everything
  • Social media becomes important than your own real life
  • You want to talk to your friends on social media continuously
  • You post every little detail of your life online

If you are experiencing the aforementioned signs then consider it as warning alarm before you get trapped into it more fiercely. And in case you feel that social media addiction is normal, let us inform you that it is hazardous than the actual drugs.

Impacts of social media addiction on human health

  • Raises the anxiety levels
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome(straining of tendons)
  • State of depression
  • Failing memory
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Strained vision

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Excess of everything is bad so is in case of social media, so with that note, we wish you a happy social media day. Surf wise, stay safe.