SC Allows States To Exercise Power Of Remission With Certain Conditions

SC modifies its July 7, 2014 order and allows state governments with certain conditions to exercise power of remission to release life convicts.

Here are few pointers: 

  • Cases in which life term has been considered without specifying that convict has to serve for life will not be released under remission: SC.
  •  Remission cannot be considered in cases where it is clearly stated that a life convict has to serve in jail for a specified period: SC.
  • This order will apply where no application for commutation is preferred or considered suo motu by a state govt: SC.
  •  Remission can be exercised where investigation was not conducted by any central probe agency like CBI: SC.
  • Power of remission can be exercised where life sentence is under IPC and not for the offences of rape and murder: SC.
  • SC makes it clear that this order will not apply to Rajiv Gandhi assassination case which is being heard at present.