Rohit Sharma feels cricket rules need ‘serious look in’

Rohit Sharma feels cricket rules need 'serious look in'
Rohit Sharma feels cricket rules need 'serious look in'

India opener Rohit Sharma on Monday said some rules in cricket definitely need a serious relook.

His remarks come as England lifted their maiden World Cup title on the basis of a number of boundaries scored on Sunday at Lord’s. The final between England and New Zealand was one for the ages as the match did not have a winner after 50-over and super over action.

In the end, England were announced as the winner as they had hit more boundaries, 26, as compared to New Zealand’s 17 boundaries in the match.

The 32-year-old right-handed batsman has topped the most run-getter chart as he has amassed 648 runs in the World Cup campaign.

He was the only batsman who has scored five centuries in the tournament and broke Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara record for scoring the most centuries in a single edition of the World Cup.

Rohit took to Twitter and wrote, ” Some rules in cricket definitely needs a serious look in.”

Alike Rohit many netizens also believe the International Cricket Council should amend the rules.

“We won’t see such a final again. #ICCRules your rules are so bad. Joint winners would have made cricket noble,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Dear @ICC Next time agar finals tie hogya tho ‘Stone Paper Scissor’ kelke winner decide kardo! #ICCRules,” a cricket fan wrote.

“I think every cricket supporter is still hung over after the last match.. Looking back in retrospection we try and see things differently.. But one thing is constant.. heartbreak for @BlackCaps and Admiration for @ecb_cricket!! And it is gonna take some time to sink in! #ICCRules,” another Twitter user wrote.

“#England had more than 9 boundaries in comparison to the 17 boundaries of #NewZealand, while #NewZealand lost 9 wickets compared to #England’s 10 wickets including super over.

To get good results in such matches, the @ICC will have to think something new.

#ICCRules,” a cricket supporter wrote.

A fan had given an alternative to the boundary count rule after the match ties and super over too. According to a fan, the criteria should be the number of wickets fallen, the number of extras given and then the number of boundaries hit.
“If the teams are tied after original match and super over, then the criteria should be
1. Number of wickets fallen
2. Number of extras given (excluding leg byes)
3. Then may be number of 4s or 6s. #ICCRules,” another cricket fanatic wrote.