Dos and Don’ts: Life with a Pacemaker

Dos and Don'ts: Life with a Pacemaker
Dos and Don'ts: Life with a Pacemaker

After getting a pacemaker installed in our body, we are puzzled and perplexed on what to do and how to go on about our daily schedule. Everything poses a question. Whether you can drive a car or not, how to pass the metal detectors at your workplace or the MP3 player at home. Everything becomes a new puzzle.

Fret Not! The experts at BBC heartcare Hospital will be discussing these everyday scenarios so that a pacemaker implanted in your body doesn’t interfere with you living your life.

  • Consult your doctor regularly after the pacemaker has been installed. This will ensure that battery issues and other concerns will be addressed before they arise, evading any risky complications.
  • Mobile phones can be used without any issues. But for certainty, some tips should be kept in mind.
  • Never hold your phone to the ear side where the pacemaker has been implanted. Instead, always use the opposite side.
  • Don’t keep your phone in the chest pocket or near to the pacemaker device. Keep it in your jeans pocket or in a bag.
  • Keep minimum space of at least 6 inches between your cell phone and pacemaker.
  • Driving with a pacemaker is generally not recommended by the doctors for 6 months to 1 year. But after that, you can consult with your doctor and proceed accordingly.
  • Strong magnetic devices like MRI scanner machine or other such devices should not be used while implanted with a pacemaker. The magnetic field of these devices can affect the programming of the pacemaker.
  • Always let your physician know about your medical history, including the pacemaker. It will ensure that there are no surprises.
  • While you are traveling, always inform the authorities about your pacemaker implant.
  • Don’t stay in the proximity of the metal detectors and anti-theft systems for long. Although passing through them is okay.

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  • Don’t get scanned with hand-held metal detector. If necessary, inform about the pacemaker and ask for an alternative manual search or not to keep the scanner near the pacemaker.
  • Don’t place your headphones near the pacemaker.
  • Magnetic devices should not be kept near the pacemaker.
  • Having a pacemaker doesn’t limit a person. You can continue with your exercises and sports but consult with your physician. Sports like football may have to be discontinued.
  • Even in homes, avoid appliances which have high magnetic fields like microwave, ac equipment etc.

Keep in mind that your doctor can best guide you on how to proceed after your pacemaker has been implanted and how to minimize the risks.

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