Condemnable that drunkard Bhagwant Mann and opportunist Manpreet Badal talking about deaddiction and NDA Performance – Harsimrat Badal

Union food processing industry minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal
Chandigarh, February 27 – Union food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal today said it was condemnable that drunkard Bhagwant Mann and an opportunist like Manpreet Badal were taking about deaddiction and performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi respectively. 
In a statement here, Mrs Badal said AAP MP Bhagwant Mann was talking about being stoned if AAP did not fulfil its promises to the people of Punjab. “Instead of day dreaming about an AAP government Mann should be ready to be stoned by the people of Sangrur whom he has deserted. “Mann has failed to do anything for Sangrur. He has not brought even a single project to his constituency. 
The union minister said Mann was desperately trying to project himself as a CM in waiting and had even gone in for a detoxification exercise at Bangalore to give the impression that he was turning over a new leaf. She said Mann’s recent actions including  hallucinations of becoming CM indicated he had not been cured of his drinking habit. “In fact it seems to have become worse. He should first worry about not appearing drunk in parliament instead of dreaming about being at the helm of an AAP government in Punjab”, she added. 
Speaking about Congress leader Manpreet Badal’s statement in which he criticised the prime minister,  Mrs Badal said Manpreet was in no position to write any one’s report card. “Manpreet was a failure as a finance minister. His attempt to create and head a new party by the name of Peoples Party of Punjab (PPP) was an abject failure. He failed to win a single election after leaving the SAD. What moral authority does such a person have to comment on the half term performance of PM Narendra Modi who has led the country successfully in all spheres of public life”? she asked. 
Mrs Badal said the fact of the matter was that Manpreet Badal was the epitome of an opportunist who could sacrifice anything for his greed. She said this had been proved by the manner in which Manpreet had embraced the Congress after claiming he would have no truck with the party. “Now he is acting like a vulture and going after the NDA thinking the Congress will win Punjab. He is living in a fool’s paradise. People like him who have no ideology and have been discredited because they turned their face on the party which nourished them will themselves be rejected by the people”, she added.