Be the best version of yourself with music

Be the best version of yourself with music
Be the best version of yourself with music

Ever felt out of sorts till a blast of high-energy dance music dispersed those grey clouds in your mind? Or ever played slow instrumental music on YouTube and felt frazzled nerves relax? Science agrees with what we know already, that music has a great role to play in our mental well-being.

Music is entertainment, but so much more than that. It is actually the sound of body, mind, and soul. Every animate being has been drawn to music in some form or the other since the dawn of time. This is why music cannot be confined to man-made borders. Music cuts across cognitive understanding and reflects the shared emotions, hopes, and expectations of humanity in its common journey towards perfection.

Indeed, songs are not restricted to humans. Birds, whales, dolphins and in fact almost every species has a song. The human brain may or may not find it melodious but for the species of its origin, it is deep and meaningful. As for us, millennia ago, we probably sang before we put together a comprehensible sentence.

No wonder we instinctively turn to music when stress gets the better of us. For those of us who don’t, doing so would be an infinitely better idea than, let’s say, hitting the bottle or plunging down a negative thinking spiral.

Listening to music releases dopamine, the hormone that makes you feel good. This works especially well if you listen to something happy. In fact, it is believed that Shamanic drumming clears negativity from people as well as spaces.

The profound effect of music has also been established in research which proved that patients who listened to music before, during and after surgery respond to treatment better and heal better. Music may even help ease the symptoms of certain conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

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In our country, various ragas and shlokas were traditionally played around pregnant women in the belief that the frequencies and vibrations would have a positive effect on the unborn child. Caught in the trappings of an extremely fast-paced and disconnected modern life, not many women would have the luxury of soaking in some soul music. But even a few minutes every day would help.

All in all, music is part of life. It is the sound of the universe and if used properly, it helps us evolve into better versions of ourselves.

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