Arrange marriages in India being replaced by semi-arranged marriages: report

Arrange marriages in India being replaced by semi-arranged marriages: report

According to the UN Women’s new report ‘Progress of the World’s Women 2019-2020: Families in a Changing World’ concludes that in India arranged marriages are now being replaced by semi-arranged marriages. This report is a sign of women across India are given power to stand for themselves, make their choice.

What is Semi-Arrange Marriage?

The concept of semi-arranged marriages is new in India is relatively new but progressive in nature. Unlike typical arrange marriages where parents choose partners of their children, semi- arrange marriages families are involved in suggesting potential matches, but women choose whether to marry and who to partner with.

Why are semi-arrange marriages better than arranged marriages?

According to the UN report, Semi-arrange marriages are far less prone to marital violence, divorces, and dowry pressure. In comparison to arranged marriages, semi-arranged marriages let women to take decisions in areas like expenditures, family planning, and contraception, and are twice as likely to be able to visit their friends and relatives.

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Further, the reports also said report also stated that in our country, though the number of divorcees has doubled over the past 20 years, still only 1.1 percent of women are divorced, with those in urban areas making up the largest proportion.

Although divorce rates are generally low in India, it said that the default system of – separation of property and the right to maintenance are weakly enforced.

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