265 Indians get invited for ‘quick’ permanent residency in Australia

Immigration News: 265 Indians get invited for 'quick' PR in Australia

PR in Australia, Immigration News: Overall 265 extremely-skilled Indian nationals were invited to register for permanent residency in Australia under the Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) between 1 January and 9 September this year.

Discern Talent visa has a foremost role in the Global Talent Independent Program, a high priority permanent residency (PR) pathway in Australia which aims at attracting the world’s brightest migrants at the top of their fields.

Indians come into the sight as third highest recipients of 2,685 invitations issued for applicants for a Distinguished Talent visa under GTI program, just behind Iranian and Bangladeshi nationals who received 539 and 384 invites respectively.

PR in Australia, Immigration News: Indian nationals invited for permanent residency in Australia. | Global Talent Independent Program (GTI).

Prior senior Immigration Department official Abul Rizvi said it might not be lawless to assume that an outsized portion of victorious applicants under the program were onshore and presumably are foreign students at present pursuing post-graduate research degrees in Australia.

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“Around 70 percent of Iranian students are pursuing a post-graduate research degree at present .In comparison to , around 1.5% of Indian students do a post-graduate research degree. There could also be some universities/hospitals that are proposing these research post-grads as a way of holding them as they complete their courses,” he explained.


The Global Talent Independent Program (GTI) program came in on November 2019 with an focus to draw in talented and highly skilled technologists working in one among the seven designated ‘future-focused’ sectors: ag-tech, med-tech, space, fin-tech, energy and mining technology, cybersecurity, and data science to measure and add Australia permanently.

To be qualified, the applicants must show the dormant to obtain a salary at or higher than the income threshold of $153,600 annually and have their application brace up by a nominator of national reputation within the same field.

PR in Australia, Immigration News: Indian nationals invited for permanent residency in Australia. | Global Talent Independent Program (GTI).

Applicants who consider themselves that they meet the program parameters are requisite to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the worldwide Talent Form and also needed to secure a nominator.

If the EOI is fortunate , the applicant receives a singular identifier and can be ready to lodge an application online under the Distinguished Talent visa (Subclass 124) for those outside Australia and Distinguished Talent visa (Subclass 858) for those inside the country at the time of lodgement.

Speediest way to get PR in Australia

GTI at present is the fastest road to permanent residency in Australia. While the processing times for the program aren’t categorically in hand on the Department’s website, the newest data indicates that a majority of the choices being made to send an invitation or to not invite applicants were made within 14 days from the date of lodgement of EOI. Others took almost 14 days and three months.

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Melbourne-based migration agent Ranbir Singh mentioned that the fast processing times are a beautiful bait for potential migrants looking to measure in Australia permanently especially during a COVID environment, but they need to not forget that the choice criteria for this visa category is “very extreme .”

“It is important to observer that although the potential applicants of this visa are ready to secure an invitation during a few weeks, the choice criteria are very rigid where the applicants got to prove international recognition of their accomplishments and prestige in their field of experience.

PR in Australia, Immigration News: Indian nationals invited for permanent residency in Australia. | Global Talent Independent Program (GTI).

“The Department’s aim is to draw in the simplest and therefore the beaming professionals across the world and hence has set some very sky- scraping standards within the eligibility criteria,” said Mr Singh.

In what’s being seen as a symbol of things to return during a post-pandemic Australia, the government has tripled the allocation for the GTI program from 5,000 within the program year 2019-20 to fifteen ,000 within the current year.

The director of standards and accreditation services at the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Rupert Grayston who gave nominations for GTI applicants within the knowledge and communication technology (ICT) sector had previously told SBS Punjabi that this is often quite important increase for the fledgling program that is recently only in its second year.


“This may be a solid increase for a program in its second year, specifically during a time of ongoing border constraints . Knowledge of the GTI program seems to be growing, and ACS is in high speed for seeing evidence of a big pool of candidates.

“It nevertheless remains to be seen whether such growth are often realised,” said Mr Grayston.

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